Home improvement : undead edition

Home Improvement: Undead Edition - Charlaine Harris, Toni L.P. Kelner

After this, I decided always to read only the short stories from the authors I care about. So after I had read like half of the book and really didn't want to continue with it, but there still was this Toby Daye story, once I just got past a few others... Finally I just read that and let the rest be. 


Charlaine Harris - Sookie story, it was meh, a bit boring even. 

Victor Gischler - the story was funny.

Patricia Briggs - this was from the Mercy universe and I liked it, but have forgotten most of it already.

Rochelle Krich - way too scary for me! 

Graham & Grady - forgotten already.

Melissa Marr - interesting story, scary ending.

Seanan McGuire - Toby tries to get Wintergreen accept her. Interesting short, liked it.